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History Of Halloween and Origin Of Halloween

The origin of Halloween is fascinating and anyone interested in finding out about the history of Halloween and where this American tradition was founded, will find the information in this article to be eye-opening. Knowing the history of Halloween can help many people decipher what to let their children take part in, and what to keep their children away from. Knowing the origin of Halloween can also help Christians view the adult, youth, and child activities associated with Halloween celebrations under the light of Christ's truths. The history of Halloween has been a mystery for too many years, and the origin of Halloween has confused many.

For years now, families have struggled with ever-increasing bad effects of a night spent exalting horror. Hospitals and authorities advise that parents examine or x-ray treats and that people be in their homes by 10 pm. Candies are poisoned, properties damaged, and vandalism has increased, all in the name of an ancient spiritual custom, the origin of Halloween. But, not so ancient is the modern day Halloween practices of occults and satanic worship that happen on the frightful fall evening. The modern day Halloween has become a mixture of several religious practices and a children's holiday. Take a look at the history of Halloween, and see how mixed up this confusing holiday has really become.

The origin of Halloween dates back before Christ. The Celtics' mythology taught that with the coming of winter, a season of the dead, came a night in which the spirits of the dead could freely roam about with humans. Some of these spirits would inflict suffering and violence upon man. To appease the spirits and the gods that were worshipped, the Celtic people would put out their best food offerings on the doorstep. Celtic priests would also offer sacrifices, animal and human, to the gods to ask for a return of the sun and in hopes that the gods would chase away the evil, frightening spirits. Often, the Celtics would wear dreadful costumes, hoping to fool an evil spirit with the disguise. There are practices from the history of Halloween that are still being practiced today. Click the links below to take a Halloween Quiz.

While the history of Halloween explains much about where modern day Halloween customs come from, (the origin of Halloween customs were brought to this country in the 1800's by the Irish) what about the modern day practices of the occults? Occults find their rituals associated with the same source, a time when the dead can easily communicate with the living therefore making divinations and sacrifices during the fall season opportune. In truth, the origin of Halloween has its root in Satan, the author of deception. ".... for he (the devil) is a liar and the father of it." (John 8:44)

It is interesting how much the modern day American practices and the modern day witchcraft have in common with the ancient beliefs of the Celtic people. Considering that Satan is the father of lies for all time, it can be seen how we are continually deceived. "There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through fire, or that useth divination or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch." (Deuteronomy 17:10) Study more about the history of Halloween and how the origin of Halloween negatively affects how we honor God today.

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Colored Halloween Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses work better than any eye make-up. Besides allowing you to change your eye color, they are ideal for Halloween, theatrical and novelty uses. Colored Halloween contact lenses are special effects color contact lenses. They help you enhance your costume choice. For example, cat eye designs work well if you are dressing as a black cat.

Colored Halloween contact lenses are of two types - round and scleral. The round type lenses only cover the colored area of your eye. Scleral types cover the whole visible portion of your eye, leaving no white. Another verity is semi-scleral lenses, which are larger than the round ones. They don't cover the entire visible portion of your eyes, but leave a small white at the corners.

If you are not extremely familiar with color contact lenses, it is wise to wear round lenses. Scleral types create a great effect, but they are not easy to put in and take out. Sometimes they are not very comfortable to wear. Scleral lenses are also very expensive, normally starting at $200 (per lens). Semi-scleral lenses, conversely, can be a good choice since they are logically easy to insert and remove. Also, they don't cost as much as scleral lenses.

Colored Halloween contact lenses are equally right for both light and dark eyes, since they completely hide your natural color. The lenses have a transparent center, so that you can see. Some Halloween contact lenses (e.g., Wild Eyes and Crazy Lenses) accompany corrective powers, helping you correct your vision. Zero power (Plano) lenses are also available.

The most popular and favorite Halloween lenses are cat eye, red hot, Alien (green with a black spaceship), blackout and whiteout, Hypnotica (black with a white spiral), wolf eyes, black spiral, and bloodshot (white with red blood vessels).

Halloween lenses cause eye infections if not inserted or cared for properly. Like all contact lenses, they require cleaning and disinfecting. Never swap or share your lenses with other persons. Halloween contact lenses are as safe as any other contact lens, as long as you take the above precautions.

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Antique motorcycle collectibles

One of the greatest hobbies a person can have is restoring or collecting antique motorcycles. Whether you choose to buy these bikes in poor condition and fix them up just like new, or purchase restored bikes for your collection, you are participating in history. One great way to enhance your antique bikes is with antique motorcycle collectibles. Read on for tips on finding the best ones.

Some of the antique motorcycle collectibles you might be interested in is parts. When you are restoring an antique bike, you probably know it’s best to use original parts. This will increase the value of the bike and help it to run the way it was meant to. But where do you find these parts? The best place to look is online.

One of the best places online to find antique motorcycle collectibles and parts is eBay.com. The wide selection and low price offered on eBay makes it easy to find the parts you want. If you choose to shop on eBay for antique motorcycle parts, make sure you know your stuff. Some sellers might be inexperienced and not sure what they are selling. If you are familiar with the parts you need, however, this shouldn’t be a problem.

If you are looking for antique motorcycle collectibles to enhance an antique bike you have purchased, then you should keep an eye on local pawn shops and thrift stores. These are great places for antique motorcycle collectibles to turn up. Items such as mirrors, helmets, and decals will make your antique bike look just like it did 50 years ago.

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Trick or Treat Stolen from Kids of Fort Pierce Florida

Imagine living in Florida and a Hurricane like Wilma comes and literally thrashes your city one day? Everything is all messed up and the power is still out. Then the power comes back on and you get ready for Halloween. Then the big bad Sheriff and Mayor plan to ruin your Trick or Treating and steal Halloween from you? Imagine that?

Well it just so happens that is what is going on in Fort Pierce Florida in where police Major Bill Synder says; No Halloween, stay inside. What a bad guy, he must be related to The Grinch or Freddie Crugar or something. Can you believe of all the dirty, low down and scandalous tricks, he is closing down Halloween this year and telling kids in Martin Country to stay inside and do not come out at all. It is like being locked in your room.

The Sheriff Officials say it is unsafe for kids to be out roaming door to door on Halloween? Why that is why you do it, it is a scary night, if it wasn’t why would you go out anyway. What a dummy, dah. The Sheriff and Mayor say there is still debris and trees in the streets? So what, that is the governments job to remove it. Just because they cannot do their job and are incompetent, why can’t I go trick or treating, besides I have been patiently waiting to get some free candy you dummy.

I thought my parents were mean sometimes, but these Sheriffs of Martin county, well that is just RUDE, I tell yah. Yah so now the Sheriff tells us kids to go to the malls to get candy or to have neighborhood Halloween Parties? Well fine, I am going to go as a Sheriff and be rude, just like him, I will act evil and nasty and tell everyone what to do too. Think about that Sheriff.

"Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; www.WorldThinkTank.net/. Lance is a guest writer for Our Spokane Magazine in Spokane, Washington

Spice Up Your Love Life with Romantic Gift Baskets

Love is a special emotion and only those in love know how it feels to be in love. It is about sharing the joys and sorrows of life together and being there for each other in good times and bad. Life gives us various occasions to express our love for that special someone and to celebrate romance. Whether you wish to express your love for someone in a special way or want to revive your love life, unique and elegant romantic gifts are just perfect.

Talking of romantic gifts, what you give is important but its presentation is equally important. Romantic gift baskets are perfect in terms of both. You can go for romantic gift baskets with chocolates, candles, jewelry, personalized gifts, beauty products and more. There are various websites offering romantic gift baskets for many occasions like Thanksgiving, Valentine’s, and even Halloween. Believe us. The designer romantic gift baskets on occasions can make your day truly memorable. Let’s find out how.

  • Valentine day romantic gift baskets: Valentine’s as we all know is the day to celebrate love and togetherness. Many romantic couples go for a romantic dinner or a day out to celebrate this special day. To make this day extra special, gift a valentine day romantic gift basket to your partner. This way you can make your and your partner’s Valentine’s Day truly memorable! Check out romantic gift baskets available at stores online and pick the one that you think your partner would like.

  • Thanksgiving romantic gift baskets: Don’t miss the opportunity to thank your partner for their love and affection on this day. Nothing can be more special for your partner on Thanks Giving day than a Thanksgiving romantic gift basket from you. Thanksgiving Gift Basket can contain lavish confectionary items, cakes, and scrumptious gourmet chocolates and more. Make it unique and enjoy a romantic Thanksgiving!

  • Halloween romantic gift baskets: Halloween day is not for kids only. If the idea of Halloween romance excites you, Halloween romantic gift baskets are for you. You can make the best of this occasion by gifting your partner a Halloween romantic gift basket and enjoying Halloween candies and chocolates that are nicely packed using the Halloween theme. You can also go Halloween romantic gift basket containing sweet candies and cookies. So get ready for the most romantic Halloween of your life!

  • Holiday romantic gift baskets for her: The idea of going for a holiday with your partner itself is so romantic. Don’t you think! Make your holidays unforgettable for life by gifting Holiday romantic gift baskets to her. She will truly love your idea and will shower all her love on you.

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    Halloween Is The Holiday For Fun

    Halloween is the holiday to be scary. It is the time to visit a haunted house or create your own. Some of the scariest Halloween decorations are the life sized statues of various werewolves, vampires and famous horror movie stars. Halloween is also the perfect time to enjoy candy, scary movies, eerie stories and spooky music. Plastic wax lips and shrieking candy bowls are in! Halloween also brings out wonderful creativity in some people.

    I am impressed by the array of Halloween yard decorations that I have seen displayed this year. There are pumpkin lights strung up, pumpkins in the yard and sparkling pumpkin displays. The graveyard scenes that I have seen are very scary. Some tombstones glow in the dark, for an eerie effect.

    Some graveyard scenes have a family of skeletons scattered about. Some have floating ghosts stretched out or hung above the glowing tombstones. I came across a spider theme decorated house.

    The large black spiders hanging everywhere on ghostly looking webs were frightening. Some of these spiders move, scream, screech, glow and will scare the devil out of you. Speaking of that, I also saw a ghoul scene decoration set up on the roof of a house that was terrifying. The ghoul had to be seven feet tall. The look on it's face was very evil. I know that decoration took a lot of work to put up. The effect was worth it. I was thrilled and delighted by it. If the ghoul gives a sound, I am sure trick or treaters will be running everywhere on Halloween night!

    Tricks and treats are a main part of Halloween.

    I have seen some scary Halloween candy this year. There are glow in the dark candy bars and candy wrapped in finger and eyeball wrappers. The jellied candy snakes, worms, ants and various critters are cool and shocking.

    When set up on a table decorated with plastic or rubber hands, feet, toes, eyeballs and spiders placed around, the candy can be a great Halloween display. You can serve up a trick of fright or surprise with your treats.

    Orange and Black are the main Halloween colors. They look good together and compliment each other. They are the perfect color combo for standing out and getting attention. On streamers, lights or candy, these colors cannot be beat. Speaking of orange, I have seen some Halloween shirts being worn, in that color, that were very scary and shocking. Getting attention and causing a fright is the reason for the season.

    So, take notice of the wonderful and exciting Halloween displays around you. It is the season for a delightfully good time.

    Happy Halloween!

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    Halloween Contact Lenses

    Halloween Contact Lenses Can Give an Edge To Your Costume

    If you are looking for the perfect finishing touch to your Halloween costume then you might want to try a pair of Halloween contact lenses. These special colored lenses have been used by the film industry to create a non-human appearance. Now Halloween contact lenses are more widely available for people to wear to their parties or when taking their kids trick or treating. The variety of Halloween contact lenses is huge. You can transform your eyes into those of a wild animal to match your werewolf costume, bloodshot to give your Vampire a more ghoulish quality, or simply change the color of your eyes into an unearthly shade of red – the choice is yours. The prices vary depending on the amount of detail involved, but a pair can start under $100. The top of the range Halloween contact lenses are those that are hand painted and have vision correction. You can expect to pay over $400 for a pair of these. Your costume is bound to create a stir at the Halloween party if you are wearing Halloween contact lenses.

    There are different types of contact lenses, just as with normal lenses. The oldest type of lenses is hard ones, but these are not to be worn for long periods of time because they prevent the cornea from getting the oxygen it needs. Gas Permeable (GP) or Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Halloween contact lenses allow oxygen to reach the cornea because they are made of a breathable plastic. These are actually custom fit to the individual shape of the cornea. This makes them comfortable to wear but does make them one of the most expensive types of Halloween contact lenses. Soft contact lenses are the most comfortable type of Halloween contact lenses and they are best for your eyes.

    As with any type if contact lenses it is essential that you know how to put your Halloween contact lenses on properly. If these are the first contact lenses you have tried to use then there are a few points that you need to follow to prevent damaging your Halloween contact lenses or, more importantly, your eyes

    •Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before you start

    •Ensure that your Halloween contact lenses are dirt-free, moist and in perfect condition

    •Put one of the Halloween contact lenses on the tip of your finger – using whichever hand is most comfortable first

    •Pull down the bottom eyelid lid of the eye that the Halloween contact lens is for

    •Use your other hand to hold the top eyelid wide open

    •Focus your eyes on the Halloween contact lens and position the lens in the centre of your eye

    •Slowly release your eyelids

    Halloween contact lenses, especially hard ones, are not designed to be worn for long periods of time. It is essential that you do not keep them in too long or your eyes can become dry. Dryness is one of the main problems caused by Halloween contact lenses. If you have naturally dry eyes, it is worth using eye drops to make wearing your Halloween contact lenses more comfortable.

    Celia Nemart has been writing about travel and wellness over the last few years, this time she had decided to write about something that is even more fun, Halloween, the things you need to know about Halloween and the Halloween Spirit.