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History Of Halloween and Origin Of Halloween

The origin of Halloween is fascinating and anyone interested in finding out about the history of Halloween and where this American tradition was founded, will find the information in this article to be eye-opening. Knowing the history of Halloween can help many people decipher what to let their children take part in, and what to keep their children away from. Knowing the origin of Halloween can also help Christians view the adult, youth, and child activities associated with Halloween celebrations under the light of Christ's truths. The history of Halloween has been a mystery for too many years, and the origin of Halloween has confused many.

For years now, families have struggled with ever-increasing bad effects of a night spent exalting horror. Hospitals and authorities advise that parents examine or x-ray treats and that people be in their homes by 10 pm. Candies are poisoned, properties damaged, and vandalism has increased, all in the name of an ancient spiritual custom, the origin of Halloween. But, not so ancient is the modern day Halloween practices of occults and satanic worship that happen on the frightful fall evening. The modern day Halloween has become a mixture of several religious practices and a children's holiday. Take a look at the history of Halloween, and see how mixed up this confusing holiday has really become.

The origin of Halloween dates back before Christ. The Celtics' mythology taught that with the coming of winter, a season of the dead, came a night in which the spirits of the dead could freely roam about with humans. Some of these spirits would inflict suffering and violence upon man. To appease the spirits and the gods that were worshipped, the Celtic people would put out their best food offerings on the doorstep. Celtic priests would also offer sacrifices, animal and human, to the gods to ask for a return of the sun and in hopes that the gods would chase away the evil, frightening spirits. Often, the Celtics would wear dreadful costumes, hoping to fool an evil spirit with the disguise. There are practices from the history of Halloween that are still being practiced today. Click the links below to take a Halloween Quiz.

While the history of Halloween explains much about where modern day Halloween customs come from, (the origin of Halloween customs were brought to this country in the 1800's by the Irish) what about the modern day practices of the occults? Occults find their rituals associated with the same source, a time when the dead can easily communicate with the living therefore making divinations and sacrifices during the fall season opportune. In truth, the origin of Halloween has its root in Satan, the author of deception. ".... for he (the devil) is a liar and the father of it." (John 8:44)

It is interesting how much the modern day American practices and the modern day witchcraft have in common with the ancient beliefs of the Celtic people. Considering that Satan is the father of lies for all time, it can be seen how we are continually deceived. "There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through fire, or that useth divination or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch." (Deuteronomy 17:10) Study more about the history of Halloween and how the origin of Halloween negatively affects how we honor God today.

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Colored Halloween Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses work better than any eye make-up. Besides allowing you to change your eye color, they are ideal for Halloween, theatrical and novelty uses. Colored Halloween contact lenses are special effects color contact lenses. They help you enhance your costume choice. For example, cat eye designs work well if you are dressing as a black cat.

Colored Halloween contact lenses are of two types - round and scleral. The round type lenses only cover the colored area of your eye. Scleral types cover the whole visible portion of your eye, leaving no white. Another verity is semi-scleral lenses, which are larger than the round ones. They don't cover the entire visible portion of your eyes, but leave a small white at the corners.

If you are not extremely familiar with color contact lenses, it is wise to wear round lenses. Scleral types create a great effect, but they are not easy to put in and take out. Sometimes they are not very comfortable to wear. Scleral lenses are also very expensive, normally starting at $200 (per lens). Semi-scleral lenses, conversely, can be a good choice since they are logically easy to insert and remove. Also, they don't cost as much as scleral lenses.

Colored Halloween contact lenses are equally right for both light and dark eyes, since they completely hide your natural color. The lenses have a transparent center, so that you can see. Some Halloween contact lenses (e.g., Wild Eyes and Crazy Lenses) accompany corrective powers, helping you correct your vision. Zero power (Plano) lenses are also available.

The most popular and favorite Halloween lenses are cat eye, red hot, Alien (green with a black spaceship), blackout and whiteout, Hypnotica (black with a white spiral), wolf eyes, black spiral, and bloodshot (white with red blood vessels).

Halloween lenses cause eye infections if not inserted or cared for properly. Like all contact lenses, they require cleaning and disinfecting. Never swap or share your lenses with other persons. Halloween contact lenses are as safe as any other contact lens, as long as you take the above precautions.

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Antique motorcycle collectibles

One of the greatest hobbies a person can have is restoring or collecting antique motorcycles. Whether you choose to buy these bikes in poor condition and fix them up just like new, or purchase restored bikes for your collection, you are participating in history. One great way to enhance your antique bikes is with antique motorcycle collectibles. Read on for tips on finding the best ones.

Some of the antique motorcycle collectibles you might be interested in is parts. When you are restoring an antique bike, you probably know it’s best to use original parts. This will increase the value of the bike and help it to run the way it was meant to. But where do you find these parts? The best place to look is online.

One of the best places online to find antique motorcycle collectibles and parts is eBay.com. The wide selection and low price offered on eBay makes it easy to find the parts you want. If you choose to shop on eBay for antique motorcycle parts, make sure you know your stuff. Some sellers might be inexperienced and not sure what they are selling. If you are familiar with the parts you need, however, this shouldn’t be a problem.

If you are looking for antique motorcycle collectibles to enhance an antique bike you have purchased, then you should keep an eye on local pawn shops and thrift stores. These are great places for antique motorcycle collectibles to turn up. Items such as mirrors, helmets, and decals will make your antique bike look just like it did 50 years ago.

Find wrecked and salvaged motorcycles, parts and accessories from major manufacturers such as Harley-Davidson, wrecked Ducatis, Henderson, Yamaha, Buell and Kawasaki. Find the parts you need to repair your bike or restore a vintage motorcycle as a hobby or profession. Custom motorcycle accessories, Ducati motorcycle parts and Motorcycle parts and accessories information, reviews and resources - Ducati Motorcycle Parts is your source for Ducati 1098 parts & Ducati parts products, FAQs and information

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Trick or Treat Stolen from Kids of Fort Pierce Florida

Imagine living in Florida and a Hurricane like Wilma comes and literally thrashes your city one day? Everything is all messed up and the power is still out. Then the power comes back on and you get ready for Halloween. Then the big bad Sheriff and Mayor plan to ruin your Trick or Treating and steal Halloween from you? Imagine that?

Well it just so happens that is what is going on in Fort Pierce Florida in where police Major Bill Synder says; No Halloween, stay inside. What a bad guy, he must be related to The Grinch or Freddie Crugar or something. Can you believe of all the dirty, low down and scandalous tricks, he is closing down Halloween this year and telling kids in Martin Country to stay inside and do not come out at all. It is like being locked in your room.

The Sheriff Officials say it is unsafe for kids to be out roaming door to door on Halloween? Why that is why you do it, it is a scary night, if it wasn’t why would you go out anyway. What a dummy, dah. The Sheriff and Mayor say there is still debris and trees in the streets? So what, that is the governments job to remove it. Just because they cannot do their job and are incompetent, why can’t I go trick or treating, besides I have been patiently waiting to get some free candy you dummy.

I thought my parents were mean sometimes, but these Sheriffs of Martin county, well that is just RUDE, I tell yah. Yah so now the Sheriff tells us kids to go to the malls to get candy or to have neighborhood Halloween Parties? Well fine, I am going to go as a Sheriff and be rude, just like him, I will act evil and nasty and tell everyone what to do too. Think about that Sheriff.

"Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; www.WorldThinkTank.net/. Lance is a guest writer for Our Spokane Magazine in Spokane, Washington

Spice Up Your Love Life with Romantic Gift Baskets

Love is a special emotion and only those in love know how it feels to be in love. It is about sharing the joys and sorrows of life together and being there for each other in good times and bad. Life gives us various occasions to express our love for that special someone and to celebrate romance. Whether you wish to express your love for someone in a special way or want to revive your love life, unique and elegant romantic gifts are just perfect.

Talking of romantic gifts, what you give is important but its presentation is equally important. Romantic gift baskets are perfect in terms of both. You can go for romantic gift baskets with chocolates, candles, jewelry, personalized gifts, beauty products and more. There are various websites offering romantic gift baskets for many occasions like Thanksgiving, Valentine’s, and even Halloween. Believe us. The designer romantic gift baskets on occasions can make your day truly memorable. Let’s find out how.

  • Valentine day romantic gift baskets: Valentine’s as we all know is the day to celebrate love and togetherness. Many romantic couples go for a romantic dinner or a day out to celebrate this special day. To make this day extra special, gift a valentine day romantic gift basket to your partner. This way you can make your and your partner’s Valentine’s Day truly memorable! Check out romantic gift baskets available at stores online and pick the one that you think your partner would like.

  • Thanksgiving romantic gift baskets: Don’t miss the opportunity to thank your partner for their love and affection on this day. Nothing can be more special for your partner on Thanks Giving day than a Thanksgiving romantic gift basket from you. Thanksgiving Gift Basket can contain lavish confectionary items, cakes, and scrumptious gourmet chocolates and more. Make it unique and enjoy a romantic Thanksgiving!

  • Halloween romantic gift baskets: Halloween day is not for kids only. If the idea of Halloween romance excites you, Halloween romantic gift baskets are for you. You can make the best of this occasion by gifting your partner a Halloween romantic gift basket and enjoying Halloween candies and chocolates that are nicely packed using the Halloween theme. You can also go Halloween romantic gift basket containing sweet candies and cookies. So get ready for the most romantic Halloween of your life!

  • Holiday romantic gift baskets for her: The idea of going for a holiday with your partner itself is so romantic. Don’t you think! Make your holidays unforgettable for life by gifting Holiday romantic gift baskets to her. She will truly love your idea and will shower all her love on you.

  • Share beautiful romantic moments and strengthen your love bond by gifting beautiful romantic gift baskets available at http://www.gottohaveitromanticgiftcreations.com

    Halloween Is The Holiday For Fun

    Halloween is the holiday to be scary. It is the time to visit a haunted house or create your own. Some of the scariest Halloween decorations are the life sized statues of various werewolves, vampires and famous horror movie stars. Halloween is also the perfect time to enjoy candy, scary movies, eerie stories and spooky music. Plastic wax lips and shrieking candy bowls are in! Halloween also brings out wonderful creativity in some people.

    I am impressed by the array of Halloween yard decorations that I have seen displayed this year. There are pumpkin lights strung up, pumpkins in the yard and sparkling pumpkin displays. The graveyard scenes that I have seen are very scary. Some tombstones glow in the dark, for an eerie effect.

    Some graveyard scenes have a family of skeletons scattered about. Some have floating ghosts stretched out or hung above the glowing tombstones. I came across a spider theme decorated house.

    The large black spiders hanging everywhere on ghostly looking webs were frightening. Some of these spiders move, scream, screech, glow and will scare the devil out of you. Speaking of that, I also saw a ghoul scene decoration set up on the roof of a house that was terrifying. The ghoul had to be seven feet tall. The look on it's face was very evil. I know that decoration took a lot of work to put up. The effect was worth it. I was thrilled and delighted by it. If the ghoul gives a sound, I am sure trick or treaters will be running everywhere on Halloween night!

    Tricks and treats are a main part of Halloween.

    I have seen some scary Halloween candy this year. There are glow in the dark candy bars and candy wrapped in finger and eyeball wrappers. The jellied candy snakes, worms, ants and various critters are cool and shocking.

    When set up on a table decorated with plastic or rubber hands, feet, toes, eyeballs and spiders placed around, the candy can be a great Halloween display. You can serve up a trick of fright or surprise with your treats.

    Orange and Black are the main Halloween colors. They look good together and compliment each other. They are the perfect color combo for standing out and getting attention. On streamers, lights or candy, these colors cannot be beat. Speaking of orange, I have seen some Halloween shirts being worn, in that color, that were very scary and shocking. Getting attention and causing a fright is the reason for the season.

    So, take notice of the wonderful and exciting Halloween displays around you. It is the season for a delightfully good time.

    Happy Halloween!

    Bridgitte is retired and enjoys giving holiday advice and opinions. Her webpages can be visited at

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    Halloween Contact Lenses

    Halloween Contact Lenses Can Give an Edge To Your Costume

    If you are looking for the perfect finishing touch to your Halloween costume then you might want to try a pair of Halloween contact lenses. These special colored lenses have been used by the film industry to create a non-human appearance. Now Halloween contact lenses are more widely available for people to wear to their parties or when taking their kids trick or treating. The variety of Halloween contact lenses is huge. You can transform your eyes into those of a wild animal to match your werewolf costume, bloodshot to give your Vampire a more ghoulish quality, or simply change the color of your eyes into an unearthly shade of red – the choice is yours. The prices vary depending on the amount of detail involved, but a pair can start under $100. The top of the range Halloween contact lenses are those that are hand painted and have vision correction. You can expect to pay over $400 for a pair of these. Your costume is bound to create a stir at the Halloween party if you are wearing Halloween contact lenses.

    There are different types of contact lenses, just as with normal lenses. The oldest type of lenses is hard ones, but these are not to be worn for long periods of time because they prevent the cornea from getting the oxygen it needs. Gas Permeable (GP) or Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Halloween contact lenses allow oxygen to reach the cornea because they are made of a breathable plastic. These are actually custom fit to the individual shape of the cornea. This makes them comfortable to wear but does make them one of the most expensive types of Halloween contact lenses. Soft contact lenses are the most comfortable type of Halloween contact lenses and they are best for your eyes.

    As with any type if contact lenses it is essential that you know how to put your Halloween contact lenses on properly. If these are the first contact lenses you have tried to use then there are a few points that you need to follow to prevent damaging your Halloween contact lenses or, more importantly, your eyes

    •Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before you start

    •Ensure that your Halloween contact lenses are dirt-free, moist and in perfect condition

    •Put one of the Halloween contact lenses on the tip of your finger – using whichever hand is most comfortable first

    •Pull down the bottom eyelid lid of the eye that the Halloween contact lens is for

    •Use your other hand to hold the top eyelid wide open

    •Focus your eyes on the Halloween contact lens and position the lens in the centre of your eye

    •Slowly release your eyelids

    Halloween contact lenses, especially hard ones, are not designed to be worn for long periods of time. It is essential that you do not keep them in too long or your eyes can become dry. Dryness is one of the main problems caused by Halloween contact lenses. If you have naturally dry eyes, it is worth using eye drops to make wearing your Halloween contact lenses more comfortable.

    Celia Nemart has been writing about travel and wellness over the last few years, this time she had decided to write about something that is even more fun, Halloween, the things you need to know about Halloween and the Halloween Spirit.

    Rob Zombie Strikes Deal to Direct, Produce, and Write "Halloween" Remake!

    Well color me totally wrong for my theory in yesterday's "Halloween" story, where I mentioned that I didn't think Rob Zombie directing a new "Halloween" film meant we'd be seeing a remake. Rob Zombie recently confirmed on his official My Space blog, that the new "Halloween" film which he will be writing, producing, and directing will indeed be a remake.

    From Rob Zombie's Official MySpace...

    Okay here's the real deal for those of you who are confused. As I said yesterday - I am not making Halloween 9. That series is done, complete, over.

    But what I am doing is starting totally from from scratch. This the new HALLOWEEN. Call it a remake, an update, a reimaging or whatever, but one thing that for sure is this is a whole new start... a new beginning with no connection to the other series. That is exactly why the project appeals to me. I can take it and run with it.

    I talked to John Carpenter about this the other day and he said, "Go for it, Rob. Make it your own". And that's exactly what I intend to do.

    So that's that, it looks like we have a Halloween remake on the way next year. I don't know who I'm more disappointed in for doing this, but I think it's Rob Zombie. I know Dimension will do anything to make a buck (The non-stop "Hellraiser" sequels are proof of that) but for a guy who's a fan of horror, how can you possibly agree to remaking a classic like "Halloween"? Especially since it's what a majority of horror fans would call a damn near flawless horror film? I don't know about you guys, but I for one am not happy about this news at all.

    Nikki Jones at Horror Movies & stuff Horror Movies &stuff

    Great Halloween Costumes On The World Wide Web

    Are you ready for the ghosts and ghouls to come out to play this Hallows Eve? You know what I'm talking about, right? Yes, Halloween ! Have you thought about what you are going to wear? How about a great Halloween costume. There is an abundance of different characters you could dress up as, from a high tech Darth vader outfit to something more conventional like a ghost or vampire complete with fangs. It's the one time of year when adults also have a good excuse to dress up however they like. As Halloween fast approaches, many people will be rushing to buy certain costumes, so get in early before they sell out of stock.

    My daughter is already getting excited about Halloween. Last year she put on a pointy witches hat and lots of spooky makeup. The only thing she was missing was a broom and a cauldron. You can buy your Halloween costume from somewhere like Wal-Mart, but for even better selections look at local costume stores or search on the world wide web. One disadvantage of the big stores is that their product lines appear quickly and disappear just as quickly at Halloween, so if you are thinking of buying from one of these places, get in fast and snap up whatever takes your fancy at the time. They also tend to be on the pricey side so don't forget to also being extra hard earned cash in order to buy what you want.

    The internet is full of great places to find a mouth watering deal on Halloween costumes. It doesn't just stop there though. You can also buy anything else you would like, such as makeup, fake fangs and other Halloween accessories.

    What could be more convenient than finding great Halloween costumes from the comfort of your own home. You are just a few mouse clicks away from getting it delivered to your door before the little ones relieve you of your Halloween gift baskets.

    Article by Richard Davies at Great Halloween Costumes. For more free information on how to find Halloween costumes and accessories, visit => Great Halloween Costumes

    Safe Halloween Costume ideas

    Maybe you have always wanted to be Spider Man, or a Pokemon, or maybe still, you have always wanted to sling Wonder Woman’s lasso. Whatever crazy alter ego you may have lined up for this Halloween make sure of one thing: It’s a safe Halloween costume idea.

    A few pointers when thinking about your costume and coming up with safe Halloween costume ideas are these. First, make sure that the costume does not drag on the ground. It would be easy to trip or have someone step on a cape or gown causing an accident. Secondly, make sure that if a mask is worn that the eyeholes are large enough to allow for clear vision. Third, when thinking about safe Halloween costume ideas keep in mind what requirements are needed to stay safe: clear vision, being able to walk easily without tripping on garments, and making sure that there is adequate ventilation in order to breathe within the costume. These are just a few safe Halloween costume ideas.

    Okay, so now you have your safe Halloween costume idea. Great! Now comes the time to consider what you should do with that idea. Here are a few things you may want to keep in mind while constructing or going out to buy, a safe Halloween costume.

    1. Make sure you can be seen. One safe Halloween costume idea is to put reflective tape on the costume. For example: if your daughter wants to go as a pretty princess, make a tiara that reflects light our use a sash with stars cut out of reflective tape.

    2. Choose a costume that is flame retardant. Many people have pumpkins with candles stuffed inside.

    3. If using face paint make sure it is nontoxic and hypoallergenic.

    4. If you just have to have that super long sword or axe, make sure it is made of a flexible material. Another safe Halloween costume idea is to make these items out of foam and wrap them in tape. This will make them stiff yet they will bend if you should fall on it.

    So have fun this Halloween season. Just remember that when designing your costumes that you use some of the safe Halloween costume ideas. It will help ensure that you and your family stay safe and have a wonderful time.

    Carl Soothers loves Halloween, it is favorite holiday! Carl recently launched a new site that allows you to find local Halloween Parties across the United States. There is some cool technology behind the site (mashup of Web 2.0 APIs) - but all that matters is that it is cool and fun: http://www.halloweenmashup.com/

    Fun Halloween Games

    Looking for Halloween games for your next haunted party? Well then, you've come to the right place. Here you will find fun Halloween games for ghouls, both young and old.

    Pumpkin Hunt

    Plan a prize hunt that will take place both outdoors and indoors. Obtain these items: paper for writing clues, very small pumpkins, bags to carry them in, and prizes that can be split among several children.

    Write clues on small slips of paper, and have game participants to draw them out of a box. These clues lead to pumpkins hidden in the house and outside. Each pumpkin should have another clue tied to it's stem. The first team to return after all pumpkins are collected, gets a grand prize, and others get smaller prizes. Try to make each team's hunt equal in length.

    Video Scavenger Hunt

    This is a scavenger hunt for adults with digital cameras or video cameras -- and all participants must play in full costume! Pairs pull slips of paper from a box, each slip containing 1-3 items, depending on how much time is allotted for this game. Items to film or photograph could include: a haunted location, a local cemetery head stone, a Halloween drink from a bar, a specific Halloween toy from a toy store, finding a stranger dresses in a costume, or Halloween cookies from a grocery store.

    When all participants, are finished, meet to watch the videos, or display digital photos on a television or monitor.

    Other Game Ideas

    Other ideas for fun Halloween games are:

    - Create and play a trivia game with questions about horror movies, and Halloween.

    - Buy a Halloween pinata for the little ones.

    James writes for Ghoulish Halloween, a site that tries to entertain and inform. For more great Halloween articles, visit our Halloween articles archive.

    Halloween Home Decor Ideas

    If you enjoy Halloween, you must be very excited about decorating your home for it. But aren’t you tired of the same old paper pumpkins in your window every year? Get more Halloween home decor ideas – luckily, there are plenty of choices here.


    Halloween home decor is the only excuse for cobwebs in your home! Decorative cobwebs come prepackaged and are available at almost any convenience or party store during the Halloween season. As a fun way of expressing some Halloween home decor, place the cobwebs in the corners of rooms and windows, and outside any trees or bushes that you might have.


    A flying ghost is a popular symbol of Halloween, so it is no surprise that Halloween home decor employs this image to the fullest. You can purchase a ghost decoration and, using clear thread, suspend it in the middle of a nearby window. Or, you can use everyday tissues to make little ghosts and tape them up around your house.

    The Stuffed Scarecrow

    For a fun and scary Halloween home decor decoration, take some of those autumn leaves that you have been raking up and stuff some old clothes with them. Then, take a paper bag, stuff that with leaves, and tie the base. Attach a scary mask to it and make it the head for the scarecrow. Then, take a porch chair and sit the scarecrow on it. Place the scarecrow either in the corner of a large room or on the front lawn (which would really care the trick-or-treaters).


    Get strings of orange lights and place them around the perimeters of the main rooms in you home. Alternatively, you can decorate trees and bushes with them to make you home stand out to trick-or-treaters. Strings of lights are a spooky, yet elegant example of Halloween home decor.

    Painted Windows

    With washable paint easily available nowadays you can turn the main windows of your home into Halloween murals. Both parents and young children can have real fun doing it together. The biggest advantage of this Halloween home decor idea is that it allows children to express their creativity.

    Decorating your home for Halloween remember to have fun first of all – this should be an enjoyable activity and no kind of competition against the neighbors.

    For more information on Halloween Home Decor check out http://www.homedecordiscussion.com .You'll find loads of tips and techniques plus you'll find answers to questions many others in your situation have asked before. But Hurry! For a limited time you can get your very own copy of our award winning Home Decor Software at absolutely no cost.

    A Halloween Themed Party - Creating A Night Of Nightmarish Tales

    A Halloween Themed Party - Creating a Night of Nightmarish Tales

    Halloween is the only holiday of the entire year that truly inspires the imagination of adults and kids alike by encouraging the weirdest and most eccentric Halloween costumes for the numerous Halloween parties. The more outrageous a Halloween themed party is, the better. Halloween is the one holiday that is devoted to spooky fun!

    It used to be that Halloween was reserved for the kids, and their Halloween themed parties at school indulges and trick or treating at night. However, a lot more adults are now calling Halloween their favorite holiday too. But why? Well, Halloween is an excuse to dress up in scary costumes and have some fun with their friends. It has also developed into the perfect family holiday, because children and their parents are able to enjoy time together. They can have fun while carving a Jack O'Lantern out of a pumpkin, transforming the yard into a spooky haunted house complete with Halloween style graveyard, creating their own Halloween costumes, or planning a terrifically terrifying Halloween party.

    Where did Halloween Originate? A Brief History of Halloween

    The name, Halloween, is derived from "All Hallow's Eve". This is the name given in a number of European countries, including Ireland, to the night before "All Hallow's Day", or "All Saint's Day" on November 1st. This evolved, over time, from "All-Hallow-Even", to "Hallowe'en", and finally to the spelling we recognize today of "Halloween". The celebration of Halloween on October 31st started as an ancient Celtic celebration, known as "Samhain", which signified the end of summer. The Celts lived in parts of Britain, and Northern France, over 2000 years ago. They believed that goblin, witches, and other dark spirits came out on Samhain, and would accompany the souls of the dead, in the form of ghosts, to visit the places where they had lived.

    To ward off the dark spirits and witches, the Celts lit fires. They left food and lanterns to welcome the souls of the dead and wore masks and costumes in celebration. Nowadays, Halloween is more associated with more modern traditions such as 'Trick or Treating', Halloween parties, and Halloween costumes. Kids look forward to collecting their Halloween candy in countries all over the world. Halloween night os celebrated in a large number of countries with Halloween themed parties and games, imaginative Halloween costumes, delicious Halloween recipes and fantastic Halloween themed displays.

    Halloween Themed Parties, Games, Crafts , Food

    There is no doubt that Halloween themed parties have a magical air about them. There is such a wide selection of Halloween party themes that you can choose from that you are sure to find one that will make celebrating the holiday both spooky and fun for adults and kids alike. Some of the most popular Halloween images surrounding Halloween themed parties include bobbing for apples, caramel popcorn balls, creepy Halloween decorations, and a bowl of ghoulish green punch garnished with floating spiders and frogs. Halloween themed parties really are the perfect way of creating a Halloween night to remember.

    There are so many ideas for decorations that you can adapt for your own Halloween party; including Halloween crafts and games, Halloween costumes, drinks and Halloween recipe treats. For example, some ideas for Halloween costumes for kids could include Jack O'Lanterns, black cats, werewolves, skeletons, ghosts, witches or monsters. A more adult Halloween themed party could have more of a sophisticated 'Day of the Dead' style, with wonderful Mexican food, or a Halloween masked ball with devilishly delicious Halloween desserts. You do not need to spend a lot of money to have a Halloween themed party. It can be as intimate as you like, and you may just want to invite a few friends over, rather than hold a huge Halloween bash.

    Daryl Plaza is a regular contributor to SpookyNite.com A Halloween informational site with ideas on how you can plan your Halloweennight with costumes, games, crafts, food and decorations.

    Halloween Cats - Are They Really A Myth

    Halloween is a great time to be someone else. Its a time to have fun watching the kids go trick or treating, or to dance at costume parties. What may not be known is that the Halloween cat have more to do with this holiday than cursing you while it crosses your path.

    These days Halloween cats are everywhere. There are plenty of Halloween cat graphics to put up as wallpaper or screensavers on your computer and to stick on the glass panes of your windows. Halloween cat costumes for you and also Halloween cat costumes for your cat.

    The first idea that comes to mind when "Halloween cats" is mentioned are the wiry black cats with golden yellow eyes, screeching and hissing as it slinks past you. However, the biggest thing for cats since tuna fish, has hit the market and its cat costumes

    Have you ever seen a cat dressed up like a pumpkin? You can see this and many more extremely funny pictures of cats dressed up at this wonderful site:

    If you like what you see there with the feline faux pas (faux paw), then a multitude of choices exist to buy costumes for your Halloween cat. Here is a great site that you and your kitty can enjoy together and pick out the perfect costume.

    You may not have your own Halloween cat but still want to dress up the house. Then you might want to look into ways to spruce up your haunted house with Halloween cat crafts. Here is a unique way to use acorn squash and create your own army of little black cats.

    While making these crafts with your children or dressing up your kitty you might want to share a few facts about Halloween cats or, better known as black cats.

    Many years ago in England, a black cat crossing your path was considered good luck. In Finland, it was thought that the black cat would carry the soul of the dead to the other world. In Germany is was thought that if a black cat jumped on the bed of a sick person that it meant death was near.

    Black cats have had a bad rap for hundreds of years but by the look of how cats are being viewed these days and the massive amounts of costumes out there to dress up your Halloween cat, it would seem that Halloween is now the cat’s meow.

    Jack Igan is an Halloween aficionado and webmaster whose Free Halloween Stuff website has loads of scary stuff to help you celebrate the holiday. Visit Free Halloween Stuff now. BOO!

    Try These Unusual Halloween Recipes At Your Party

    There are many Halloween recipes that can be served during the holiday season. Pumpkin pie is probably the oldest and most traditional Halloween recipe around, along with pumpkin cake and an assorted number of bread products. Many people have items such as pumpkin seeds, candy bars, apples and other fruits sitting around as snacks. A bowl full of hard candy is something that is expected during the Halloween season. Having these traditional items around is a good idea but it is also fun to create a few of your own. Below are a few Halloween recipes that are not so traditional.

    Halloween cookies – Pick out your families favorite cookies and bake them up hot and fresh. It can be any type of cookie like chocolate chip, peanut butter or sugar cookies. Use orange and black icing to design different Halloween pictures on top of each one. You can draw pumpkins, ghosts or even try your hand at drawing a witch. Any Halloween design will do, so try different ones to see what you can accomplish.

    Cupcakes – Cupcakes is another great food that you can dress up and make into a Halloween recipe. Use any type of cake mix that you desire to bake the cupcakes. Once they are cooked and cooled off you can use the orange or black frosting to give the cupcakes the tradition Halloween colors. Then add a special flare to them by placing a small piece of Halloween candy in the center of each one. This could be any type of candy that is shaped like Halloween figures.

    Refreshments – Everyone serves refreshments at their dinners, so make them more exciting also. You can do this by using food coloring to turn your beverages into Halloween colors. In the event that you are serving a beverage that you do not want to put food coloring into, you can make the ice cubes that will be used more colorful. You can do this by using the food coloring in the water used to make your ice cubes. This way any cold beverage that you serve can have a touch of the Halloween sprit.

    You can come up with all types of ideas when it comes to Halloween recipes. For instance, say you are serving ham as a main course for you meal. You can cut it into slices and use a cookie cutter to shape the ham into Halloween figures to be served to your family and friends. These are just a few Halloween recipe ideas that can be used to make your party a great one.

    Nicola always enjoys Halloween parties. Visit her Halloween site for tips and information about Sexy Halloween Costumes at http://Sexy-Halloween-Costumes.Best-Halloween.com

    This article may be reprinted in full so long as the resource box and the live links are included intact. All rights reserved. Copyright Best-Halloween.com

    Pumpkin Painting: A Halloween Activity For The Whole Family

    A carved jack-o-lantern may very well be the most recognized symbol for the Halloween holiday. But using a sharp knife to carve them is not exactly an activity that everyone, especially the children who are the biggest fans of Halloween, can do.

    And how many parents have stayed up late, the night before Halloween, carving their jack-o-lanterns, only to see that same pumpkin collapse just days after the big holiday?

    During a field trip to a pumpkin farm, I discovered a Halloween craft activity that even the youngest members of the family can participate in. Pumpkin painting is a fun and safe way to celebrate autumn and Halloween.

    This quick and easy craft is perfect for family activities, preschool or elementary school parties, Girl Scout gatherings or Halloween parties.

    With just a few supplies: pumpkins of any size, craft paint, brushes, sealer and your imagination, anyone can transform a plain pumpkin into a whimsical, life-like character.

    By tracing a pattern onto the pumpkin, young children can “paint by numbers” to create their own Halloween masterpiece.

    With a bit of creative planning, scrap fabric, craft supplies, hats and jewelry can transform the painted pumpkin into a character worthy of name-giving.

    The best feature of painted pumpkins is their lifespan. A pumpkin, once carved, will last three to five days at the most before it begins to collapse and rot. A painted pumpkin, when sealed properly, will last four weeks or longer!

    Because of the extended lifespan, painted pumpkins make the perfect porch decoration, dining table centerpiece or gifts for teachers, friends and family.

    And a great way to make your pumpkin work double-duty is to paint one side for Halloween. When Halloween is over, turn the pumpkin around, paint some autumn leaves and leave it on your porch for a beautiful Thanksgiving decoration!

    JoAnne Westcott is the publisher of the full-color, step-by-step instructional e-guide Pumpkin Painting: Anyone Can Do It! (www.easypumpkinpainting.com) She is also the publisher of the Definitive Beginners Guide to Face Painting, Easy Face Painting (www.easyfacepainting.com).

    4 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas For Twins & Triplets

    When you have triplets or twins, it can be cute to dress them up the same during Halloween, especially when they are young. When the children get older, they may not appreciate wearing Halloween costumes for triplets & twins anymore. So while they are still young enough to let you dress them find identical outfits and grab your cameras because it may not last!

    You have a few choices when looking for Halloween costumes for triplets & twins. You can either dress them identically or choose a theme based on characters from their favorite books or television programs.

    Here are some ideas for Halloween costumes for triplets & twins.


    Dressing them up in identical animal costumes can be really adorable. Or you can choose a theme such as a ìbig catî theme or ìbarnyard animalsî theme. For example, if they enjoy cats you can dress one as a lion, another as a tiger, and another as a panther.

    Halloween Traditional Costumes

    Another choice for Halloween costumes for triplets & twins is to dress them in the Halloween traditional costumes such as witches and ghosts. They may look cute as identical witches or black cats. You can even dress them as ghosts.

    Character Costumes

    Do they have a particular movie, book, or cartoon they enjoy? These characters are perfect choices for Halloween costumes for triplets & twins. You can either dress them up identically or find a theme to work with and choose costumes that all fit the theme.

    Fun Costumes

    You can also choose fun Halloween costumes for triplets & twins such as clowns, food items such as pumpkins, rock stars, or science fiction characters such as robots. Think about what your children like. Even if they are young they could still display certain character personalities that will help you decide which costumes to choose.

    Get Creative

    If the children are old enough, you may want to help them get creative. Choose Halloween costumes for triplets & twins together. Then, shop for them, rent them, or make them together as a fun project. Sometimes the best ideas are the ones THEY come up with.

    Monty Smith writes about kids costume ideas and other Halloween-related topics for the Best Costume Ideas website. Get more Halloween tips at http://www.bestcostumeideas.com

    Take a Look at These Scary Halloween Books

    My friends and I have tried may various ways to “fete” Halloween. Twenty years ago, we would joyfully don our Halloween costumes. Wearing the Halloween costumes was such a wonderful experience. We would of course consume our favorite Halloween foods and drinks, but what we were most eager to do is to take out the books that we used to call Halloween books. We took turns reading to the others just to scare them or at least give them the willies.

    Our favorite collection of Halloween books is undoubtedly represented by Edgar Allen Poe’s books. These Halloween books will certainly have the same effect now, as they did before evn though it's years later.

    I loved to read my favorite short stories - “The Fall of the House of Usher” and “The Masque of the Red Death”. The first one was about a haunted house while the second was about a Halloween party in a house where one imagines and one is trapped, with other people.

    If you do not prefer to read Halloween books but you want something scarier and terrifying like the occult genre, a metaphysical, Para psychological, real people haunted by real ghosts and others like these, it is better to take true scary stories. I will recommend you the following:

    Amityville Horror written by Jay Anson – this book is really quite creepy. The book is based on true events. It has a photo of the real house on its cover. The windows and the doors make the house look alive. They are placed in a way that gives the illusion of a face. The book tells the story of a man who killed his family and of the new family who moved in and became possessed by the ghosts of the former house inhabitants. This is the first Halloween book that I remember when hear the words “Halloween books”.

    The Shining written by Steven King – most of Steven King books are good enough to be Halloween books but this one is so realistic that it makes you terrified. This Halloween book tells the story of a writer who is staying in a locked hotel with no electricity in New England full of ghosts, while outside there is a snowstorm.

    The Mephisto Waltz by Fred Mustard Steward – this one is a very good Halloween book. This Halloween book tells the story of a woman who is trying to get out but the guard dogs, Doberman Pinschers, are tracking her in a terrifying manner, whenever she tries to get out.

    I do not approve these Halloween books to be read to children. There are just my favorite Halloween books for adults. Halloween books like The Happy Pumpkins will not make me tremble of fear for sure!

    Morgan Hamilton offers expert advice and great tips regarding all aspects concerning holiday. Learn more at Scary Halloween Books

    Entertaining For Halloween - How To Make Your Party Memorable

    Entertaining for Halloween can be very exciting and loads of fun. It is the perfect opportunity for you to show off your talents in many different areas. To help keep your guests happy and entertained you will want to have a wide variety of things to keep them occupied. One of the first things you will need to make sure of is that you have enough refreshments and food to keep the entire guest list satisfied for the night. This is one of the most important parts of entertaining for Halloween.

    Having the surroundings decorated for Halloween both inside and outside is the best way to keep the guest in the haunting sprit throughout Halloween night. Decorating for Halloween is exciting and so much fun. You can let you imagination go wild and try things you would never dare to try at any other time of the year. It is the time to let your creativity take control. If you have the space then putting together a haunted house is also great entertainment for Halloween.

    Fun Halloween games are very important and are a must at any Halloween party. They help to keep the guest amused and give them something to do besides walk around. If it is a party that includes children you can set up simple games for them where they can win small prizes and candy. This helps to keep them happy and satisfied throughout the night. Although adults have a great time watching their children having a safe happy Halloween, there are many games that can be set up for them also. Games that allow adults to enjoy a little competition will keep them entertained.

    Halloween music helps everyone to keep the sprit of this haunted holiday alive throughout the whole evening. Make sure you have a wide variety of music so there will be a little something for everyone. Be sure and include music that is scary and some that is funny to add humor to your party. By keeping your guest entertained they will not have time to get bored and you will have presented the best Halloween party ever.

    Nicola always enjoys Halloween parties with her family. Visit her Halloween site for tips and information about Couples Halloween Costumes at http://Couples-Halloween-Costumes.Best-Halloween.com

    This article may be reprinted in full so long as the resource box and the live links are included intact. All rights reserved. Copyright Best-Halloween.com

    Halloween: Adding Thrills To Halloween Decorating

    Halloween is an amazing time of the year. It brings out the fun in all of us. With a few tricks and a few boo’s, there are plenty of great things that we all can do to make this an enjoyable Halloween celebration. One thing that is very nice is the fact that there are so many great Halloween party themes available to be purchased. This can allow you to be much more creative and yet still find the enjoyment in the day as well. Halloween makes for an exciting event for all of us to enjoy.

    How You Can Make It Spooktacular!

    Halloween is a time to find those little creepy and crawling things and place them all around your home. But, you may not realize just all of the options that you have when doing this. For example, many of us like to decorate the outside of their home to make it fun for everyone in the neighborhood, especially on Halloween night. But, you can do so much more as well. For example, why not place a few great decorations in your yard, your windows, even on your roof? This will transform your home into a haunted mansion for sure.

    In addition, you can find many great Halloween surprises to add throughout the inside of your home as well. Select something to cover the tables with, decorations for the doors and for the windows, and even a creepy candle holder is a great choice. You can even hang some cobwebs (just cotton here) throughout the home for more thrills and a more realistic haunted home theme.

    When you decorate for Halloween, you can find so many great things out there to help you. Most of the items you need can be purchased ready made and easily accessible throughout the web. And, everyone is sure to love it!

    Mrs. Party... Gail Leino is the internet's leading authority on selecting the best possible party supplies, using proper etiquette and manners while also teaching organizational skills and fun facts. Halloween Party Games, party planning tips, recipes, printable activities and free coloring pages.

    Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Halloween

    1. In Mexico, they celebrate El Dia de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead, starting during the evening of October 31. People take picnics to family graves and tombs and lay out food for the deceased.

    2. The colours orange and black became Halloween colours because orange is associated with harvests, and Halloween marks the end of harvest, and black is associated with death.

    3. Black cats were originally believed to protect witches' powers from negative forces, ie the effects of prayer and the actions of the church!

    4. A pumpkin is really a squash, and comes from the same family as the cucumber. About 99% of pumpkins sold in the UK are used as lanterns at Halloween.

    5. The biggest pumpkin in the world tipped the scales at a whopping 1,446 pounds. This gigantic gourd was weighed in October 2004 at a pumpkin festival in Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada.

    6. The record for the fastest pumpkin carver in the world is Jerry Ayers of Baltimore, Ohio, who carved an entire pumpkin in just 37 seconds.

    7. The very first jack o' lanterns were made of hollowed out turnips – the pumpkin tradition was imported from the USA in the twentieth century

    8. Ringing a bell is said to scare evil spirits away and one Halloween custom is to have a person walk the streets in a costume sewn with bells.

    9. If you see a spider on Halloween, it could be the spirit of a dead loved one who is watching you, so you shouldn’t kill it.

    10. To meet a witch on Halloween, put your clothes on inside out and walk backwards around midnight.

    This article was brought to you by BlueWorldGames

    Scary halloween Masks

    There are countless Halloween masks available today. At Halloween specialty stores and online shops, you will find a mask in the likeness of every ghoul, alien, and creepy character of any and every variety. Everyone, from heroes like Spiderman and Superman, to movie bad guys, like Freddy Kruger, The Alien, and Hellraiser's Pin Head, are available in the form of latex. You will even find Halloween masks of today's most popular politicians, and masks of obscure characters like, zombie vikings, alien clowns, and mad scientists.

    The price of a Halloween mask depends on it's quality, subject, and the materials used to create it. You can pay anywhere from $30 to $300 and up for a high-quality mask. Expect to pay more for detailed masks of today's most popular characters from movies and television. Many Halloween masks are collector's pieces, true works of art -- and they are priced accordingly! Masks costing over $500 often include human hair, foam filled heads, and intricate custom paint jobs.

    The level of detail and animation in some Halloween masks is truly impressive. Masks are first sculpted by artists. The artist sculpts a head, or a full bust out of clay. A cast of this bust is made, and then that cast is used repeatedly, to make identical latex masks. After that, the masks are painted, and extras like eyeballs, adornments, and hair are added.

    When shopping for Halloween masks, remember that some may impair visibility. Also, latex gets hot, so try to say cool while wearing a mask for extended amounts of time!

    James writes for Ghoulish Halloween, a site that tries to entertain and inform. For more great Halloween mask ideas, visit our Halloween Masks section.

    Growing Halloween Party Spirit

    In 2006, the UK spent a staggering £120m on celebrating one of the most controversial festivals of the year: Halloween. It is now regarded as the third most profitable event for retailers after Christmas and Easter; way ahead of Guy Fawke's Night and even St Valentine's Day.

    With the ever growing interest in Halloween, the Far East electronics industry continues to develop more audio and visually creative accessories, making Halloween something of a bonanza for retailers the world over.

    Year on year there has been a marked increase in Halloween sales and a rise in the number of customers looking for a complete Halloween costume rather than the traditional witches hat accessory or skeleton prop. People are keen to spend more than they used to on costumes that will mark them out from the crowd; deluxe lines such as Headless Horsemen, Fallen Angels and Skeletal Zombies are real show stoppers and likely to be big in 2007. It appears that an increasing number of people are willing to pay top prices for a high quality product as opposed to the bargain ghost and ghoul outfits one can pick up at the local supermarket.

    The name 'Halloween' derives from Hallow's Eve, which is the night before All Saints' Day. It stems back to pagan Celtic harvest festival times when scary costumes were warn to scare off the spirits of the dead who were said to return to possess the living. Though these traditions are forgotten in modern times, Halloween looks like a festival that is set to increase in popularity well into the future.

    Beatrice Butler is Product Marketing Manager for Halloween costumes at Joker's Masquerade

    3 Helpful Tips For Glow In The Dark Contact Lenses

    Presenting the “Glow In The Dark Contact Lenses”, a glamorous option for those special nights when you’d rather have all eyes pinned on you. Contact lenses that glow in the dark are a great way to make a fashion statement.

    “Glow in the dark” Halloween contact lenses are an especially popular category of contact lenses for Halloween because that is the scary, goofy, fun time of the year when you want to look different. Well, one way of ‘looking’ at it is through a glow in the dark contact lens.

    That Special Halloween Shine

    With these special Halloween lenses you can make your eyes glow in the dark and get more treats than tricks. But if this is your first try with them you might need some education. Here are some tips to help you with your ‘glow in the dark contact lens’.

    Various types of glow in the dark lenses are available freely on the Internet and are quite affordable if you don’t buy the lens right on Halloween. Check out several online lens suppliers who stock Halloween lenses or contacts that glow in the dark before you make a purchase.

    Glow in the dark contacts basically use a luminescent material on the surface that makes them turn into ‘glow in the dark lenses’. Please choose only the kind of glow in the dark lens contact lens which has FDA approved colors. Otherwise you may end up with more than just the lens in your eyes.

    Fun as they may be, Halloween lenses or glow in the dark contacts require the same care that you reserve for regular contact lenses. Buying these glow in the dark contacts under medical supervision and with a valid prescription and cleaning of contacts are important for your safety and health.

    http://www.the-colored-contacts-guide.com, published by Jon Butt, explains how to choose colored contacts, lens safety information, where to get the biggest discounts online and which accessories best take care of your lenses

    Popular Costumes of Halloween Party

    Popular Halloween costumes keeps changing from year to year, a lot influenced by all the rage movies and TV shows, music superstars, and well-loved cartoons. Each year by October, the National Retail Federation puts up a list of the mainly well-liked costumes for the up coming season. In 2006, for instance, pirates, superheroes, and other witches were a month the trendiest. In 2004, the top Halloween costume was Spiderman; in 2003, it was The Hulk.

    These styles have much to do with the existing blockbusters, which go to show that even when it appears to popular Halloween costumes, the trendy media has the last say. Some other popular Halloween costumes are eternal classics. Fairies, cheerleaders, and Disney characters are forever famous, along with vampires and clowns. Older kids and teenagers normally favor scary Halloween costumes. In 2006, some of the most popular Halloween costumes for teens incorporated undead cheerleaders and corpse brides. Some of the most popular Halloween costumes for babies are Disney classics such as Winnie the Pooh. Animals such as bunnies, ladybugs, and amazing cats have as well been in trend choices for babies and toddlers.

    Among adults, sexy clothes are apt to be well-liked costumes. It's hard to envisage a Halloween party without a sexy nurse, a nice-looking French maid, or a seductive vampire. Traditional characters never get aged and are forever popular Halloween costumes for adults. This includes classic movie characters, like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, or superstars such as Elvis or Marilyn Monroe. For adults, much of the fun of Halloween comes with playing wear dressy clothes, so many choose for costumes based on puns or image gags.

    For people who have a preference to skip stores and make their own Halloween costumes, creativity is key. Even those who can not stitch could easily piece together a costume from the back of the closet. Don a Hawaiian shirt and an old camera and you have an instantaneous Halloween costume as a tourist, for example. Above all, remember to be secure and then have fun. Halloween is a day when everybody gets to be a child once again, no matter their age.

    Tamilselvi is a Copywriter of Adult Costumes.She written many articles in various topics such as Costume Store,child halloween costumes. For more information visit: http://www.halloweenfantasy.com Contact her at usharani.articles@gmail.com

    Super Fun Halloween Costume Movie Starring Your Child

    Do you want your child to have the best Halloween ever?

    What's your child's favorite movie or TV character? Does your child have a favorite book character or another character they'd like to be for Halloween?

    YOU can make your child's dream come true this Halloween by having them star in their very own Halloween movie!

    Kids LOVE to dress up in costume and play. A costume just makes things so much more fun. And Halloween is a great time for your child to put on a costume and enjoy some special activities.

    Your Child Can Star In A Halloween Movie

    "The Lost Treasure of Billy Bones" is our EXCLUSIVE one-of-a-kind Halloween mini-movie adventure that your child and all their friends will love.

    It's lots of fun to go out and enjoy trick or treating (I like the treats myself) or go to a special costume party. But now you can really do something special for your child on Halloween.

    Lights... Camera... Action...

    Your child will be saying "hooray for Hollywood" when they find out their going to be starring in a fun Halloween movie adventure.

    I'm Grandpa Mike and I'm a Hollywood screenwriter. I've written and sold a number of family adventure screenplays in Hollywood. "The Long Ride Home," a western movie starring country singer Randy Travis and Academy award winner Earnest Borgnine was based on my short script and is now available on video.

    I've also written a birthday party mini-movie called "The Great Birthday Treasure Hunt" and the Halloween mini-movie, "The Lost Treasure of Billy Bones." Both of these mini-movies are available for free along with information and tips that will help you easily put together your movie production.

    To learn how you can receive this fun Halloween costume movie script just follow the link at the end of this article.

    Your child is going to have so much fun putting on their costume and starring in their very own movie. What a terrific Halloween activity.

    And you and your child will want to see your movie over and over again. And years from now, your child's movie will become a treasured family heirloom.

    Do you want your child to have the best Halloween ever?

    A super fun Halloween costume movie starring your child will make wonderful memories your child will never forget.

    Have fun!

    Mike Dougherty "Grandpa Mike" is a Hollywood screenwriter and webmaster for fun kid birthday parties.com. To get your free copy of "The Lost Treasure of Billy Bones" script, visit http://www.fun-kid-birthday-parties.com/halloween-costume.html

    Contact Lenses for Halloween

    It is never too soon to begin planning the perfect Halloween costume, and frequently the best ones require a lot of planning and special effects items. Luckily for all the Halloween fans out there, there is now a huge line of contact lenses for Halloween. The different styles of lenses range from the funny to sports and then to really, really scary. Regardless of the costume genre you are interested in or are planning there is a Halloween contact lens for you.

    If you are interested in the specially designed contact lenses for Halloween, then the best idea is to visit your optometrist for an eye exam. The majority of these lenses are available on the Internet and do not require prescriptions; however you will want to make sure your eyes are healthy and able to wear contact lenses. It would be unfortunate to spend the money on a pair of lenses that do not fit your eye. Also, it is possible you need a prescription or need to update your prescription and it would be good to know this before ordering as well.

    Once you have your optometrist’s approval and know you can wear contact lenses, you can begin searching for the perfect lens to compliment your Halloween costume.

    If you are planning on being something scary for Halloween, there are many selections of contacts from full eye sclera that blackout your entire eye or bird eyes, spiral eyes or even flame eyes!

    If you are dressing up as a member of your favorite sports team then you might consider ordering contact lenses emblazoned with your team’s logo. If you are going for something a little lower key or on a fun note, then you might want to get the smiley face lenses or the moon and star lenses. Regardless of your Halloween costume there is certainly a contact lens available that will complement your outfit and make you the best dressed for Halloween.

    Maria Gonzalez is webmaster of Contact Vision, a site dedicted to bringing you up to date information on vision related topics. For more details on scary contact lenses for Halloween visit Ghoulish Halloween.

    If You Write Articles for Halloween, Some Spooky Things will Happen 666

    Most people do not know this but when you write a Halloween article some pretty scary things can happen to you in the online world of article marketing. So, I warn you in advance to beware of this fact and watch your back, or you could be the victim of attack. How so you ask?

    Well, we all know that the creative imagination of the online article marketer and article author mind, goes beyond this world and into another where things you think are impossible suddenly become real.

    For instance if you do not believe that if you write an Article for Halloween, some spooky things will happen, just beware, as I looked and this is my article number 9,666 and that says it all right there. Are you brave enough to write an online article on Halloween, do you dare? You sound cynical and ask why should I care? Well he answer is simple and it should ring true and that is you must write it soon and put it on your list; To Do.

    The reason why you should write Halloween articles is because those key words surrounding the make believe are major words often searched this time of year. But these articles remain in the system and online and they will generate you traffic each Halloween Season from about October 6 thru Halloween Day, you need to write them now, as there is no time to delay. So, please consider this in 2006.

    "Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; www.WorldThinkTank.net/. Lance is a guest writer for Our Spokane Magazine in Spokane, Washington


    Halloween - Why Do We Dress Up in Costumes?

    Why DO people dress up for Halloween? We’ve heard the history of All Hallow’s Eve, and like many holidays, we don’t pay much attention to the history and meaning behind the dates. We do, however, honor traditions. Halloween is filled with strong traditions and many, particularly children and the young at heart, anticipate it with excitement.

    Halloween is spooky. Spooky is thrilling and fun. Halloween means more treats, in the form of candy, than tricks. But the tricks can be wonderfully fun too. Certainly part of the trick of Halloween is dressing up in costumes and being unrecognizable. Have you ever had to guess who a gorilla or scarecrow really is at a party? And guessed wrong the first couple of attempts? Costumes are part and parcel to the fun spookiness. Add a haunted house or party with eerie sounds, lights plunging into darkness and bumping into weird fuzzy things, and the tradition of Halloween is fully recognized.

    I love the wonderful variety of costumes these days. People can dress up in countless ways. They can select styles that are funny, scary, sweet, daring and representative of famous people, historical times. Consumers can purchase ready-made outfits or flex their imagination and skills to create their own. One of the best parts about costume selection is that people get to express themselves in really fun ways.

    How will you be expressing yourself this year?

    Laura lives in Frankfort, Kentucky, with her husband and youngest daughter. She is a writer and personal injury paralegal. She was born on Halloween and therefore considers herself an inherent expert on the holiday. For a BOOtiful HALLOWEEN and great costume ideas, visit her website at: http://bootifulhalloween.blogspot.com/.

    Halloween Costumes: Sexy Instead of Scary Trendsetters

    Dressing up for Halloween parties and entertainment isn't just for children anymore. Adults like to dress up for the day and evening, as well. Except, more adult women are dressing sexy instead of scary.

    Looking "Hot" for Halloween

    Young adults lead the way in a new trend mixing sex and Halloween for fun. One reason young women love Halloween costumes is because they can look "hot" without worrying about being thought of as a player or a tramp. College students buy more costumes than any other group.

    Although the younger crowd purchases more sexy costumes, older adults also are dressing sexy for Halloween.

    Halloween costume seller Pierre says that a typical costume buyer is married with young children. These young mothers look for a way to rekindle the honeymoon spark in their marriage. Plus, young adults try to either relive their wild, care-free college days or to create the same feeling they may feel they missed in their youth.

    Halloween Fun at Any Age

    Even older adults are buying sexy costumes and size doesn't seem to matter. Sexy costumes come is all sizes, from zero to size 26. More men buy the rude or funny type of costume while women opt for the cheerleader, vamp, and scantily-clad witch. Extra glamorous makeup, long wigs, and spike heels give women a chance to dress up and act sexy without guilt.

    Halloween parties for adults get more popular every year. Besides the college parties, women are dressing to attract attention at office parties. Women who wear reserved suits to work let their hair down or buy a glamour wig and dress to show off their femininity.

    Halloween gives women the perfect opportunity to dress for fantasy and seduction, without feeling promiscuous or silly.

    Enjoy Halloween fun!

    Claire Carter Haskins writes articles on the psychology of sex. Although not pornograhic, Viewer Discretion Advised. Free reports for women only: http://www.sex-psychology.com

    Copyright 2006 Claire Carter Haskins

    Halloween Party Ideas: Be Sure Halloween Is All Treats, And No Tricks!

    More of us are looking for Halloween party ideas than ever. Though most of us remember canvassing the neighborhood on Halloween night, going from house to house, and yelling, “Trick or Treat” before receiving candy from well-trusted neighbors, in the interest of safety, Halloween parties are replacing that tradition.

    Planning a Halloween party that is a fun alternative to door to door trick or treating, is very possible with just a bit of planning. While teens are best satisfied entertaining themselves, trick or treat aged children (six to twelve year olds) still like games and entertainment, so Halloween theme parties with games, food, and fun are great!

    Everyone thinks games have to be new to be good, but the reason games like pumpkin decorating, costume contests, toilet paper mummy wrapping contests, ghoulish games of musical scares...ummm, chairs, and spookirifically scrumptious treats have remained so popular, is because they are good, clean Halloween party ideas that are fun for everyone.

    The most important thing to remember is keep your Halloween party ideas age appropriate, enlist the aid of others to help with supervision and organization, send invitations early, ask for RSVPs, and if you don’t get them, don’t hesitate to call ahead of time to check with anyone who might have forgotten. Be certain to let parents know when to pick up their children, and since some adults will have Halloween parties to go to themselves, consider having a Halloween sleeping bag party complete with spooky movies and popcorn balls, but remember, some children are frightened easily, and remain alert to that possibility, perhaps even asking parents ahead of time, just in case. You might be surprised at how much the other parents will approve of this Halloween Party Idea!

    Mrs. Party... Gail Leino is the internet's leading authority on selecting the best possible party supplies (http://partysupplieshut.com), using proper etiquette and manners while also teaching organizational skills and fun facts. The Party Supplies Hut has a huge selection of free party games, coloring pages, word find, word scramble, printable baby and bridal shower activities. Halloween Party Games (Halloween-Party-Fun.com), party planning tips, decorations, costume ideas, recipes, printable activities and free coloring pages.

    Halloween Party Games: A Devilishly Good Time!

    When your children are too old for trick or treating, and too young for unsupervised Halloween parties, it is tough to pick Halloween party games and themes that do not seem too “young” to those trying so hard to seem “adult”... My children solved the problem for me by creating their own games, and taking charge of the Halloween Party Games themselves.

    Consider hiring a “genuine” Gypsy fortune teller, or a tarot card reader for an entertaining Halloween party game of seeing into the future. Block off a small cubicle with room dividers or curtains. Most teens seriously reject the idea of parents being present at their party, but the gypsy/tarot reader just became your chaperone, and the kids won’t even realize it even better if you can block off strategically placed dividers for both the fortune teller, and the tarot reader. Then you have two chaperones, and it is always best if parents have to stick their heads in occasionally to refill the witch’s brew pot, or bring in fresh pizza.

    No matter how old these kids want to be, they will all love a Halloween party game where their fortunes are told, or their cards read. Coordinate a séance, and enlist the aid of some collaborators, to make things go bump in the night. Throw in an Ouija board, and your Halloween Party Games just got cool!

    Halloween party games of Twister, black light style, are always fun, and a back yard Halloween party game of flashlight tag is good for teens as well. Keep the music loud, leave lots of room for dancing, throw in plenty of food, lots of witches brew, limit what appears to be direct supervision, by disguising your peaks in as food and drink checks, and you have a Halloween Party, and Halloween party games sure to please even the most discerning teen!

    Mrs. Party... Gail Leino is the internet's leading authority on selecting the best possible party supplies (http://partysupplieshut.com), using proper etiquette and manners while also teaching organizational skills and fun facts. The Party Supplies Hut has a huge selection of free party games, coloring pages, word find, word scramble, printable baby and bridal shower activities. Halloween Party Games (Halloween-Party-Fun.com), party planning tips, decorations, costume ideas, recipes, printable activities and free coloring pages.

    Costumes for Halloween that Toddlers Want the Most

    Costumes for Halloween toddlers are going to love are found online. If you are looking for the latest types of cartoons or if you are searching for a somewhat scary type of costume that is going to fit your toddler you will find a wide selection online. The costumes for Halloween toddlers wear are smaller versions of something that you might consider wearing. If you want to match your costume to your child’s or toddlers costumer you can do that as well, and be the talk of all those that you will visit over Halloween.

    Costumes for Halloween toddlers wear can be just as expensive as the costume that you purchase for yourself. You want to purchase a costume that is a little bigger, so they could wear it more than once, or you could have another child wear it in a different Halloween year. Often times, cousins will share Halloween costumes because they do remain popular for a few years.

    The costume Halloween toddler’s wear will be those types that make them feel good about the holiday. It is going to be important that you remember, some years it is going to be very cold, and in some areas, it will even snow! If you are searching for a Halloween costume for your toddler, think about the type of costume that can be worn over top of a coat, or one that is going to keep the toddler very warm, even in those cold months of October, as it can be in some areas of the country.

    A Halloween costume is one that is going to be worn all day long. You will want your toddlers Halloween costume to last all day long. Avoid purchasing the type of costume that is made of thin plastic that is going to rip easily. Purchasing a toddlers Halloween costume that is sturdy and that can be worn two days in a row is a costume that is well worth your money. Often times, you might consider heading out for a few hours for a parade and then trick or treating, and then you want to head out to Halloween parties the next night, so you will want your toddlers Halloween costume to be worn more than just one day.

    Costume Halloween toddler sizes are available form 2x and up through 6x and then the children’s sizes begin. If you are looking for toddler size Halloween costumes you can find them online, where the selection is truly one that is bigger and better than in any local store you are going to find. For the small baby, those who are just six months and up through 4x you will find a good number of Halloween costumes that you choose from for that first Halloween night out on the town for your child.

    Written by Reidar Aas, webmaster and author of http://www.costume-halloween-toddler.com This article may be reproduced as long as a Live link back to http://www.costume-halloween-toddler.com is present.

    Halloween Party Games to Have a Spooky Good Time

    Halloween is well known for all things scary – witches, ghosts, mummies, zombies, ghouls and everything in between. It’s also a great occasion for a Halloween party. Games can easily be adapted to fit the spooky theme – here are a few to start with:

    “Mummy-Wrapping Race” Halloween Party Game
    This Halloween party game is great fun for older children, and also an opportunity to take lots of good photos. All that is required for this Halloween party game is a couple of rolls of toilet paper per team. Players split up into equal teams of 3 or 4 children. A child from each team is nominated to be the “Mummy”; for fairness, make sure that each “Mummy” is a similar height and weight. The object of the game is for the other team members to wrap their “Mummy” from head to toe in toilet paper. The first team to do this is the winner of this hilarious Halloween party game.

    “Who’s got the pumpkin?”
    This Halloween party game is good for younger children. All that is required for this game is a small cardboard or paper cut-out of a Halloween pumpkin and a blindfold. The children gather together and sit down in a circle. One child is chosen to be “it”, and must sit in the center of the circle and cover their eyes with the blindfold. The pumpkin is given to someone sitting in the circle, who must hide it behind their back. The child in the center takes off the blindfold and has 3 chances to try and guess who has the pumpkin hidden behind their back. Alternatively (and to make guessing a bit easier if there are a lot of children), the child in the center can ask “Who has the pumpkin?” and the child with the pumpkin responds “I do”. This Halloween party game continues until everyone in the circle has had a turn either in the middle or holding the pumpkin.

    Mrs. Party... Gail Leino takes a common sense approach to planning and organizing events, celebrations and holiday parties with unique ideas for Halloween party supplies and fun free educational party games. She explains proper etiquette and living a healthy life while also teaching organizational skills and fun facts. The Party Supplies Shop has lots of party ideas with hundreds of free holiday printable games and free birthday party activities. Over 100 clever Halloween party games, ideas and free activities to fit your holiday celebration. From haunted house ideas to decorating tips.

    Halloween Recipes Are Great For Creating Ghoulish Halloween Food And Candy Treats

    Halloween is meant to be the most frightening and scary night of the year. The guests at your Halloween themed party are certainly going to want to see you using some Halloween recipes to create fantastic Halloween treats for the table. Of course, the more ominous looking, and shockingly scrumptious the Halloween food is at your Halloween themed party, the more fun it will be. You can find a lot of different Halloween recipes that will bring out the devil in you, and provide you with inspiration to create ghoulish Halloween treats from almost any type of food that you can imagine.

    Frighteningly Fun Halloween Recipes

    One of the most well known and enjoyable types of Halloween decorations is a Jack O'Lantern, carved from a pumpkin. Of course, once you have carved a handful of pumpkins into scary masterpieces that you can display around your home, you are left with a lot of pumpkin flesh - this means it is time to get cooking some pumpkin Halloween treats. Some of the best Halloween recipes that are a great way to use this leftover pumpkin are for pies, soups, cookies and muffins.

    Apples are another popular Halloween food item, because they are in season then too. Toffee apples are wonderful Halloween treats, and bobbing for apples makes a great game at your Halloween themed party that all the kids will love. Cookies are always a favorite treat, and you can create some creepy cookies for your Halloween party. The type of cookie mixture doesn't need to be anything fancy, the fun comes from using Halloween themed cookie cutters, such as bats, ghosts or Jack O'Lanterns, or just letting your imagination run wild and creating your own free hand designs. Food coloring adds a truly frightening finishing touch to the icing on these Halloween treats.

    Halloween Tricks - or Treats?

    It doesn't matter whether you are choosing which types of Halloween treats and drinks you want to serve at your Halloween party, or are trying to decide what sort of treats you are going to dish out to the miniature monsters and small spooks that turn up at your door, there are a lot of fun Halloween recipes that you can wrap up and give away as Halloween party favors, or rewards for not having any tricks played on you.

    For example, a great idea for treats for your Halloween themed party is to make popcorn ghosts. Just use your favorite popcorn ball recipe, and shape them into ghostly shapes. Add a Popsicle stick for a handle, and jellybeans for eyes, and you have the perfect Halloween treat. You can adapt all of your kids' favorite foods into terrifying treats. There is no need to spend a lot of money on Halloween treats, and it can be easy to create some monstrous munchies with a little imagination. You can add your own hint of Halloween to almost anything to create devilish drinks and gruesome goodies.

    Daryl Plaza is a regular contributor to Spookynite.com a Halloween informational website on creative ideas for planning a Halloween parts with decorations, music, costumes, food and candy treats.

    Halloween Costumes for Couples

    Halloween is normally celebrated by children dressing up in costumes and going from house to house collecting sweets and money. It is celebrated on the 31st of October and is one of the biggest festivals on the American calendar.

    On Halloween, children dress up in costumes and from door to door, yelling "trick or treat!" after ringing each doorbell.

    Halloween costumes for couples can either be made at home or can be bought or hired from stores. There are a huge number of varieties and ranges to choose from.

    Halloween costumes for couples range from the simple to the sexy. The costume chosen purely depends on the couple.

    Since Halloween is a festival that's meant to spook people, scary costumes will definitely be more than appropriate. Dressing up as spirits, ghosts, fictional monsters, or long dead characters will allow a couple to showcase the true spirit of Halloween.

    However, if a couple wishes to go for something more daring or different, there are again many choices to pick from. Halloween is a time when there are plenty of adult costume parties. Such parties often require that a couple come in daring and bold costumes.

    Other themes that one can use for Halloween are Renaissance, Devils and Angels, Medical, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s costumes, sorcerers, vampires, fantasy, and even Japanese costumes.

    There are also some quite innovative costumes like a plug & socket couples set, ball & chain costume set, couples' handcuffs costume set, lock & key, nut & bolt costume set, and even a marquis and marquess costume set.

    The Internet is an excellent place for finding Halloween couples costumes. A simple search brings up a huge list of online stores from where people can either buy or rent out Halloween couples costumes.

    Being a time of celebration, costumes are appropriate attire for celebrations during this holiday.

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