Monday, October 1, 2007

Trick or Treat Stolen from Kids of Fort Pierce Florida

Imagine living in Florida and a Hurricane like Wilma comes and literally thrashes your city one day? Everything is all messed up and the power is still out. Then the power comes back on and you get ready for Halloween. Then the big bad Sheriff and Mayor plan to ruin your Trick or Treating and steal Halloween from you? Imagine that?

Well it just so happens that is what is going on in Fort Pierce Florida in where police Major Bill Synder says; No Halloween, stay inside. What a bad guy, he must be related to The Grinch or Freddie Crugar or something. Can you believe of all the dirty, low down and scandalous tricks, he is closing down Halloween this year and telling kids in Martin Country to stay inside and do not come out at all. It is like being locked in your room.

The Sheriff Officials say it is unsafe for kids to be out roaming door to door on Halloween? Why that is why you do it, it is a scary night, if it wasn’t why would you go out anyway. What a dummy, dah. The Sheriff and Mayor say there is still debris and trees in the streets? So what, that is the governments job to remove it. Just because they cannot do their job and are incompetent, why can’t I go trick or treating, besides I have been patiently waiting to get some free candy you dummy.

I thought my parents were mean sometimes, but these Sheriffs of Martin county, well that is just RUDE, I tell yah. Yah so now the Sheriff tells us kids to go to the malls to get candy or to have neighborhood Halloween Parties? Well fine, I am going to go as a Sheriff and be rude, just like him, I will act evil and nasty and tell everyone what to do too. Think about that Sheriff.

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